It has been a great privilege and joy to be a singer throughout my life. There is very little, by way of artistic expression, which can be so direct, heartfelt and yet personal to you. For a singer, there is something of 'us' which we rely upon so directly as we respond to a composer's directions. There is nowhere to hide, which is as exhilarating as it is scary!

I first started singing when I was very young and attending primary school. However, it didn't take long for my voice to begin to 'slide' from the heights of boy treble. Sadly, for a while between the ages of 11 and 13 I wasn't able to show that I could sing, as people were looking in the wrong tessitura for me to be able to sing.

One fortuitous morning I was very early for an orchestral rehearsal and I was asked to informally audition for the senior school choir, from that day on I made my way on a steady trajectory towards becoming a professional musician. 

I first started vocal lessons when I was 13 and slowly but surely made my vocal journey which enabled me, when I left school, to spend a fantastic GAP year in Portsmouth, three amazing years at Durham University & Cathedral and four being vocally focused, spent between the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This progression slowly honing what I do and making it more musically focused has been immensely rewarding, and has required hard work.

I really enjoy a huge variety of vocal outlets, whether that be stage work in opera, concert work and oratorio or other outlets including bespoke events. Overall, I try to remember that we are, for want of a better word, 'entertainers'. (It can be too easy to become wrapped up one's own aura and importance, and forget that others need to be included in our performances).

I also enjoy related musical outlets, whether that be through my increasingly large regular teaching practices, choral/vocal conducting, working towards individual projects (such as being Company Manager for Piccalilli Opera Company) or anything else. Each of these other outlets informs and builds onto my vocal performance, and my vocal performance continues to inform each of these other outlets.

This is the joy of being a 'musician' not just a 'singer', being engaged in 'culture', learning new works, studying older works and getting stuck into creating and making new musical opportunities. 

Overall, it is about continuing to be engaged and engaging in current artistic discourse and cultivating an open, yet critical ear.

I do hope that at some point you will be able to engage with me either as an audience member or musical colleague. I am always open to suggestions for new collaborations and projects and look forward to hearing from you.

My performance schedule includes:

  •       Solo engagements: (Concert Work & Opera, Events & Recording)

  •       Ensemble Singing

  •       Chorus Engagements

  •       Choral Conducting (See 'Conducting')

  •       Teaching (See 'Teaching')

  •       Other musical events or workshops including in schools