Update: 31/08/20 - As the government continues to change its guidance I will be taking my advice from the Incorporated Society of Musicians. As of 13/08/20 face to face teaching can restart subject to an appropriate risk assessment and mitigation methods; namely adding additional protective barriers to social distancing to minimize transmission risks good hygiene and ventilation. I will update this page as guidance changes. In the meantime, please follow government guidance and 'Keep Alert'. Guidance can be found at: https://www.ism.org/advice/easing-of-lockdown-restrictions

Taking vocal lessons should be a great joy and privilege. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to instruct others, engaging in helping students to make enjoyable and fulfilling music. My philosophy for teaching revolves around one concept: ‘simplicity’, that is to say encouraging students to be released, free and aware of what is necessary to sing well and what is irrelevant, distracting and undesirable.

This process for the teacher is to act as an ‘active’ mirror for the student: asking questions; ‘did you really mean to do that?’, ‘how could that have gone better?’, ‘how can you facilitate that going better?’

It is all too easy for teaching of voice to be swept up in a torrent of technical terminology and general pedagogical mystique which can lead to a sense of bewilderment by the student of whatever age. My methodology is to speak about what is relevant and within the ability of the student and to make an effect at any given juncture during their study. This is clearly very different depending on age, experience and what the student wants to achieve. After all, I work for my students encouraging them to make the best of what they already have and to strive for the best results.

Having studied voice at school, university, music college and worked in the professional industry, I am well aware of the needs, aims and support required at various levels of musical development. For one person being able to sing a song in one concert will be a great achievement whereas, for another, achieving success in ‘that’ audition or securing ‘that’ place at university of music college will be a measure of success.

For me, that is why there is no ‘prescribed’ path of development, no aim to achieve a specific goal by a certain time. Hard work, good instruction and dedication to the task at hand will undoubtedly help any of us achieve our personal goals! My students have achieved choral awards at universities, choral scholarships at UK Cathedral's and gone on to further study at UK Music Colleges as well as success in auditions for shows and professional performances, most recently my students have been appointed as choral scholars at major UK Cathedral's and taken up prestigious scholarships to study for a PhD in 'Music & Trauma'.

To support the development and understanding of my students I run an online ‘Students’ page. Through this password secured page each of them can access vocal materials which are out of copyright and technical support documentation to assist them in their individual learning. There are also other resources, including a large list of useful online resources and website which might also be of assistance. If you are in need of this resource and are one of my pupils (or a parent/guardian/relation if 18 & under) the please ask me for the username and password.

I like to think that this resource is an indication of the dedication, satisfaction and enjoyment which my teaching brings me. It is the greatest joy for any professional to be able to pass their experience and knowledge onto future generations, watching each individual grow in understanding and confidence as they progress. I feel extremely fortunate to be running teaching both in London & SE as well as at Durham University and its environs. If you are based in these area's the it should be very easy for me to fit you in to my regular teaching timetables.

For further information about my teaching, to book a consultation or any other queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


I look forward to hearing from you.

My teaching practice 'The Bromley Vocal Studio' is working to COVID Safe Guidelines and has a full risk assessment and mitigation against any risks identified in singing. Please see 'The Bromley Vocal Studio' website for more information.
'The Bromley Vocal Studio' is the home for my teaching practice in Bromley and South-East London. To find out more click on the link beside this text.
Online Consultation & Teaching
My teaching is also available ONLINE, via Skype and Zoom platforms. For more information please see the link below, or visit 'The Bromley Vocal Studio' online.


Please be advised that any teaching cancellation made with less than 24h notice will incur the full rate for teaching. With larger group sessions the notice period is extended to 48h to make account of the preparation for the session which was to be provided. Many thanks.